More Evidence that Ron Paul is a Minion of the Left:

Ron Paul Dirty Hippie Concert:

Currently set for a full day of 4th of July action in an obscure field in New York state and showcasing (apparently) no artists, Ron Paulapalooza is just the ticket for those unhygienic, environmental types that still haven’t figured out there’s a presidential election going on because they’re too busy dropping acid to care. This is precisely the demographic the Left is most popular with. It seems that Ron Paul is getting a little desperate and letting his right-wing mask slip off the side of his chin- showing that he is, in fact, simply running to spoil the election for any Republican that gets nominated.

If they did this to Fox News demigod Sean Hannity, imagine what a festering crowd of drugged out Paultards (kudos to Wonkette for coming up with this name) listening to Peter, Paul, and Mary in an open field can do!

Ron Paul; The New White Hope for Third World Countries

~ by Frances Martel on January 11, 2008.

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