Net for Cuba: Civil Rights Leader Calls for the Freedom of Afro-Cuban Political Prisoners and Democracy Activists at New York Demonstration!

NEW YORK (July 22, 2008) — Today, prominent civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton led a demonstration to protest the Castro regime’s ongoing human rights violations. The demonstration was held outside the Cuban Mission to the United Nations in New York.

Rev. Sharpton highlighted the tragic plight of Afro-Cuban political prisoners and democratic opposition leaders, in particular — Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet and Jorge Luis Garcia Perez “Antunez.”

Antunez’s sister Berta and several former Cuba n political prisoners – Ignacio Cuesta Valle, Luis González Infante, Rodolfo Rodríguez San Román y Félix Cifuentes, each who have spent terms between ten and twenty-nine years – stood alongside Rev. Sharpton as he shared the stories of their suffering. Rev. Sharpton spoke to “Antunez” personally yesterday evening from Cuba and he received a first hand account of the continued harassment he encounters daily in Cuba.

Rev. Sharpton also highlighted the case of Dr. Biscet who is currently detained in the infamous Combinado del Este prison, sentenced to 25 years for speaking out against the Castro regime. Conditions in the gulag are abysmal, and Biscet is regularly subjected to torture and extended stays in vermin-infested solitary confinement cells.

Biscet’s wife, Elsa Morejon, sent a letter from Cuba thanking Rev. Sharpton for bringing attention to her husband’s plight, and describing the conditions of his cruel and unjust incarceration.

Antunez was recently released from prison after serving a 17-year sentence for expressing his opposition to the Castro dictatorship. He has been harassed and beaten repeatedly by Cuban government agents since his release. Despite the persistent harassment, he continues to organize acts of civil disobedience in Cuba.

“We applaud Rev. Sharpton for bringing attention to the unjust incarceration of Cuba’s many political prisoners. The Castro regime should take notice that the world will not stand for its systematic and violent oppression of Cuban citizens,” said Peter Mirijanian, spokesperson for the Cuba Solidarity Movement.

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Miguel Valdés Tamayo, Hero, Brother. We’ll never forget you!

Miguel Valdés Tamayo: Héroe, Hermano: ¡Jamás te Olvidaremos!

Miguel Valdés Tamayo (1956-2007) Prisionero de Conciencia, asesinado por esbirros castristas; Martir por la Libertad de Cuba. Para leer la entrevista realizada por el periodista independiente Juan Carlos Linares a la viuda de Valdés Tamayo vea esta página. Para ver video de la muerte de Valdés Tamayo, vea esta página.. To read about the death of Miguel Valdés Tamayo click here. To read about the persecution suffered by Tamayo click here. Lea la crónica de Miriam Leiva en Cubanet publicada el 10 de enero del 2008.

~ by Rafael Martel on July 22, 2008.

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