¡Sigue incomunicado el músico cubano Gorki Aguila! Cuban Punk Rock Dissident Arrested!

Cuban Punk Rocker arrested in Cuba because he expresses a point of view that is not accepted by The Communist Party, in fact, he’s arrested because he sings what he thinks-and as of today August 27, 2008, nobody seems to know where he is, except Fidel and Raul Castro’s Repressive Political Police. We forward this information to Human Rights Watch and add our voice to all who ask for his release.

El Herald – El músico Gorki Aguila, líder de la banda rockera Porno para Ricardo y crítico mordaz del gobierno cubano, permanece incomunicado en una estación policial de La Habana tras dos días de detención, según dijeron el martes fuentes familiares.

El padre del artista, Luis Aguila, dijo que permaneció toda la mañana del martes en la estación de 3ra y 62, en el municipio Playa, sin que las autoridades le permitieran ver a su hijo.

La familia de Gorki ha contactado ya a activistas de derechos humanos en la isla para buscar apoyo legal en el caso.

El artista fue detenido el lunes en la mañana en su casa, cuando se disponía a iniciar los ensayos de los números que integrarán el próximo número de la banda, provisionalmente titulado Comité Geriátrico Central.

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Cuban punk rock dissident arrested

Dissident Cuban punk rocker Gorki Aguila has been arrested in Havana on a charge of dangerousness, his band members say.

A statement on the band’s Web site said Cuban police detained Aguila at his home Monday morning as he was about to go to the studio to record the final songs for a new album by his group Porno para Ricardo, CNN reported.

The statement, written in Spanish, was translated by the broadcaster as saying, This new episode of harassment and persecution is occurring just as Porno para Ricardo is in the middle of recording its new record, which eliminates any possibility that this repressive escalation could be described as a ‘coincidence.’

It concludes, In Cuba, the voice of the brave is silenced by the regime, which doesn’t hesitate to use intimidation and force.

~ by Rafael Martel on August 27, 2008.

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  1. […] please visit their official website here. Porno Para Ricardo’s lead singer, Gorki Aguila, was just arrested and is facing four years in prison for something called “pre-delinquency”, which is […]

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