2008 Winners: Woman of The Year Martha Colmenares!

Martha Colmenares, Rafaelmartel.com’s 2008 Woman of The Year for her struggle for Peace and Democracy in Venezuela was violently attacked by Hugo Chavez thugs. Her daughter and son in law were beaten by armed men, We send a message of support to Martha and her family as spread the information sending a special message to Human Rights Watch. We call to all democrats of the world who read this page to condemn this act of violence and to send a message to Human Rights Watch.

Martha Colmenares is a pro democracy activist and journalist who informs the world about today’s Venezuela. In a country where to be an active part of the opposition against Hugo Chavez involves serious risks Ms. Colmenares has become a leader denouncing human rights violations and the critical situation her country suffers under the insistence of establishing a Marxist dictatorship. She has united bloggers worldwide recognizing their work and supporting pro democracy activists in countries like Cuba, where the epidemic of totalitarianism has ravaged the country for 50 years. She takes part in vigils and non violent demonstrations always supporting democratic principles and defending the victims of injustice.

A woman of strong political and human convictions she has earned our respect and admiration as well as our recognition as the Rafaelmartel.com 2008 Woman of the Year. Congratulations Martha!

*Minutes after writing this post we learned that tonight Nov 31 2008, Mrs. Colmenares and her family; husband and daughter became victims of the chavista violence that plagues today’s Venezuela. We condemn this attack in the strongest terms and call on our fellow bloggers to do the same.


~ by Rafael Martel on January 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “2008 Winners: Woman of The Year Martha Colmenares!”

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  3. Como comenté en el espacio de Martha, no se me ocurriría mejor elección ¡Viva la Libertad!

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