Michael Jackson- The Greatest!

Rafael Román Martel

Someone said that the greatness of myths is that they die young. Perhaps the greatest songwriter of his generation, perhaps the greatest American songwriter, died today- forever young.

With his controversial life and the latest legal battles he confronted, Michael Jackson will now form part of a selected list of American legends. Just like James Dean or Marilyn Monroe, hot dogs and baseball, he is an intrinsic part of the phenomenon known as Americana.

He touched millions with his music. Like a modern Mozart he revolutionized the way music was written and expressed it in feeling and sound.

It doesn’t matter what he said, what he sang- even though some his songs had a significant social message- it was just the way he said it and how his inspiration moved millions around the world and will continue to do so forever. Just like the great TS Eliot or an Oscar Wilde hung on musical note, Jackson broke through with new style and unique rhythm.

He was a genius.

As part of his generation I feel pride in being privileged to have spent part of my youth enjoying what Jackson so generously shared with the world.

Those who lived their youth in the late 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s could not avoid identifying one of his great songs, and there are many.

Apart from his strange ways-typical of true artists-he was right in the midst of the Cold War, a time of unrest and change in the United States, and thus the world, and the hate propagated by those who envied and secretly admired him.

He united people through his music.

Jackson is now a star, hanging from the galaxy, always reminding us that music was never a Stranger in Moscow, and race and creed bow before it just like poetry triumphs over intelligence.

~ by Frances Martel on June 25, 2009.

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