Memories 1996 Union City Cuban Parade (2)

Memories (2): May 19, 1996 with the mother of one of the “Brothers to the Rescue” pilots murdered by the Castro family in the Cuban Parade, Union City. In the picture Governor Christine Whitman , and Congressman Richard Zimmer. I have the privilege to have worked for both of these outstanding politicians. Through my friend José I worked on their Spanish writing and radio campaigns. Governor Whitman was elected twice. Zimmer wrote which to the day benefits the children of New Jersey. The law was based on the case of At the time I was still very active in the 30th of November as an advisor, my years in the 30-30 were also a privilege: I met some of the most courageous and dedicated people in my life. In the photo I was assigned to take care of this great old lady, giving her water and making sure she was OK. To my surprise she walked from 90 Street to 42nd, Street in Union City. She was a true Madre Cubana.

~ by Rafael Martel on August 22, 2012.

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