Covention 2012: Republicans deliver “Hope and Change” we can’t believe in

What happened to the Republican Party? We need these guys in the White House so they stuff their pockets with more money, cuddle with big interest, and do nothing for the middle class. Chris Christie’s speech was a sad reflection on the Republican Party’s state of affairs. It appealed to emotions rather than facts. It motivates many good Republicans while it hides truth. He has done nothing for New Jersey, except persecute teachers, cops and firemen as if we were criminals. On the other hand, Mitt Romney is not a leader, he is a product of big money and machine politics. Romney’s defeat in November is imminent, not exactly because the Democrats have done a great job but because the Republicans lack the answers to the “crisis” we are living.

I can’t believe what Christie was talking about as a keynote speaker at the convention. Was he speaking about New Jersey? Are we paying less taxes? If you own property in New Jersey are you paying less taxes? What about the tolls? They went up. Unemployment is 9.8% in New Jersey. The price is food went up. Almost everything is up including the salaries of Chris Christie’s cronies.

His fight against the Teacher’s Union is unfair and politically motivated.

We agree that Jon Corzine was a mess but this guy is not the solution.

Was Christie accepting the nomination at the Republican Convention or was he suppossed to speak about Romney? He went on on his endless tirade against teachers, and what about Romney? Where is Waldo? Sad how the NJ Governor plays national politics based on lies about his own state. New Jersey is no better, in fact worse than three years ago.


~ by Rafael Martel on August 28, 2012.

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