Documentary: “Park Avenue: money, power and the American dream”

America is the country of opportunity. The best country in the world. Yet the rules of wealth apply to the super rich are very different from the poor, and the hard working people of this great country. Here is a critical view, somehow bias because what it doesn’t reveal is that these rich people contribute to the progress of the poor, including the poor not only of this country but of the world because they give, and they give generously to the poor in situations of need and catastrophe. At the same time they influence the law with their money, and the law, through lobbying. Laws seem to be written in their favor. As a hard working American I fell vulnerable at the fact that CEO’s of the most powerful country in the world get millions of dollars just in bonuses. And companies do the same through tax brakes. Isn’t that what rapper JC and his wife do while they spend time in Cuba exhibiting Che Guevara T-shirts while they sing “To the left, to the left”. These black Americans are either very confused people or evil.

Yet I am not bitter or envious about it. You see I am an staunch anti-Communist. Envy and blaming others is not part of my nature. Hate is far from my heart. I wish all these CEO’s the best if they have earned it with their intelligence and their connections. If they do it some illegal way that’s an issue for the law.

Even though I agree with some of the points in this documentary, especially since I’ve been working since I was 14 years old in this country, I am grateful for the great opportunities The United States of America offers to so many immigrants like us Cubans, who as political refugees since the 1960’s, without a cent in our pocket have built a future for us and our children based on hard work and discipline. These are values the Communists in today’s Cuba detest (Communists detest almost everything-since they have larceny in their hearts) but live from the millions of dollars the “gusanos” invest in the Castro Family’s broken economy, using their families as sentimental hostages.

In any case, it’s worth to examine this documentary. It tells truth, but like the devil, lies in what it doesn’t tell you. Watch it.

~ by Rafael Martel on June 29, 2013.

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