Cuba 2012


~ by Rafael Martel on July 5, 2013.

4 Responses to “Cuba 2012”

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    Magnificent documentary about Cuba’s current situation.

  2. A lot of things were not explained accurate- The houses people are selling now- Castro took them from their original owners, now 53 years seven months and 6 days- 7/6/13- later he is creating this market, the same thing with factories, all kind of Industries- irony going back to what he criticized so much, ( latifundistas, gusanos, antipatriotics ) I feel sorry for those people that were born in 1959- and raised under Castro’s regimen- they completely ignore what freedom means; education is free- Some study hard- but their future is the same as those that did not study. Health Care, Hospitals, are free, but we the families over here have to send medication when they get sick . If they are admitted to the Hospital, patients have to bring their own supplies, soap, sheets etc. and still they are made believe the Yankees are coming to invade the ISLAND- unbelievable. That is the reason why so many Cubans risks their lives to scape from such misery. Now they are making these changes to calm the people to continue abusing them. All the money they get they spend it promoting communism in all Latin America. that is Castro’s dream, while the Cubans struggle to put food on their table. I hope and pray that Cuba will be free from the Castros and soon.

    • You’ve made solid points on this documentary, Thank you. I also hope and pray that Cuba will soon be free. Thanks again.

  3. Cuba 2012 | Rafael Román Martel Gracias por compartir con todos nosotros toda esta practica información. Con estos granitos de arena hacemos màs grande la montaña Internet. Enhorabuena por este post.

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