The mission of poetry

“Poets cannot be accepted within the rules of a “rational” society. They will always be strangers to the masses and also adored by the masses through the word. They will always be criticized because they are misunderstood. They can’t abide by “rational” rules because the feeling of poetry has left those boundaries behind long before “rationality” was imposed by way of “reason”, sometimes to justify the cruelest crimes. It has nothing to do with morality, immorality or high standards. There is no one who has a higher awareness of himself than a poet, for he is always reaching for immortality, as he is always searching for the best of human kind within himself, and the true poet is in a constant struggle to give the best of himself to all mankind. At the end he is left alone, as he is always been, to bury his loneliness with his bones, once his soul is truly free and purified. Only his words will prevail or not. That only depends on other generations, as he in his lifetime depended on them.”

Rafael Martel from his upcoming autographical book. Copyright @ Rafael Román Martel, 2013.

~ by Rafael Martel on August 21, 2013.

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