Cubans: Look how they treat your compatriots in Bahamas. Show your dignity and your support: Don’t visit Bahamas!

To all Cuban-Americans: show your dignity. Don’t ever visit Bahamas where they have treated our brothers and sisters like the worst criminals just for seeking asylum in their country. They have raped women, beaten men and children. They hate us because like they said: we are “dirty whites”. The least that we can do is never visit their island, never again spend a cent on their economy. Some of these Cubans were sent back and placed in the hands of The Castro Cartel. They were denied food, water or medical attention if the women did not stripped themselves naked, and then they were raped by the authorities. Cuban-Americans: show your dignity and your solidarity with your compatriots. There are plenty of islands you can visit in the Caribbean like the Virgin Islands, all the keys to the South of Florida and Dominican Republic. Don’t spend another dollar on people who hate us. Don’t forgive or forget these human rights violations. Show your class as human being, show your solidarity. Tell everyone who visits Bahamas not to go back and contribute to their economy. Don’t forgive or forget. These Cubans could have been members of your family. Freedom will come to Cuba and a new republic will show their disdain for this reprehensible conduct. Show your pride, show your support for Human Rights! Don’t spend another cent on Bahamas!

Bahamas’ authorities torture Cubans


~ by Rafael Martel on August 31, 2013.

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