Isaac Cruz saeta al cautivo de Marchena (Sevilla) 2014

The saeta (Spanish pronunciation: [saˈeta]) is a revered form of Spanish religious song, whose form and style has evolved over many centuries. Saetas evoke strong emotion and are sung most often during public processions. It is a testament of The Faith in Christ and is interpreted by common people whose prayers have been answered, who express their sorrow for a family member or friend who passed away, for gratitude towards The Lord. Some sing on their knees asking for a sibling or a friend who is ill, others simply feel moved to praise God and thank Jesus Sacrifice. Most people who sing at the processions declare their love for Christ and their grief for the way He suffered in the Cross. During the years I lived in Spain I witnessed many of these processions. It was a moving experience that I’ll never forget.


~ by Rafael Martel on April 19, 2014.

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