Stack deserves the full support from our voters

Rafael Román Martel

With all the hard work he has put in his office as Mayor of Union City, Brian Stack deserves the full support from our voters for his upcoming mayoral elections.

He hasn’t stopped meeting with his constituency on a regular basis, he has kept his word on his open-door policy, and keeps himself involved with our community with the same enthusiasm that led him to start his political career.

On our next election Stack brings a new commissioner, Celin Valdivia, who is a well known member of our community. I have met Mr. Valdivia for many years and I can attest for his honesty, dedication to our community, and capability to fulfill the duties of the commissioner’s seat. Mr. Valdivia has earned the trust of Mayor Stack and also deserves our full support, as well as Stack’s full ticket. They keep on doing and outstanding job for Union City, the next four years they’ll accomplish many positive projects in an already vibrant community.

Stack’s political rivals take every opportunity to incompetently cast shadows on his performance as a public servant. This has been the story of his opposition. It is a story of failure. While they criticize, the mayor works. While they try to vilify his work, he keeps on building relationships, adding admirers to his long list of residents who loyally vote in larger numbers for his re-election.

For his accomplishments, commitment to our community and very hard work on May 6 Brian Stack has earned our votes.

* Courtesy of The Hudson Reporter


~ by Rafael Martel on April 26, 2014.

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