Union City: On May 13 vote for Brian Stack!

Brian Stack: You have done a great job, and you are running unopposed because your political rivals know that running against you, after all you’ve done for Union City residents, is a losing proposition. Union City voters will come out in droves to support you and your team tomorrow. Your efforts, your long days and hours as a civil servant and a leader are greatly appreciated. You were true to your word word 16 years ago: “Change”, you said and you brought positive change to our town. I’m Very proud to have had the opportunity and honor to serve as one of your three co-campaign managers in 1998. Have a great vote tomorrow as you deserve! The least Union City voters can do is to take five minutes to walk or drive to their voting places and vote for you and your great team. I also ask my Cuban-American brothers and sisters to vote for Celin Valdivia, a great choice for Union City Commissioner. Celin is an honest and very hard working member of our community, ALL should support him like we support Brian P. Stack. Celin and his family have a long history of serving our community for more than four decades. Ms. Margery Martinetti, Lucio Fernández, and specially commissioner and Freeholder Tilo Rivas have proven to be worthy candidates, deserving the trust and support of Brian P. Stack.


~ by Rafael Martel on May 12, 2014.

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