From a poet’s perspective

A poets life, conduct, and expression is hard to understand for most people whose impossibility to understand poetry, no matter how smart they are, is beyond intelligence. It takes years for a poet or a writer to understand that the more he reads and writes loneliness, silence, and soul searching becomes his/her hourly, inseparable and unfathomable associates. The true poet seeks hard into truth among the plagues, Love is his/her true treasure: love for the Word, love for mankind. Expression is his/her catharsis. Authenticity and freedom it’s their truth and their code of values. It is difficult to understand the world, full of deception as it is impossible for the world to assimilate a poet’s metaphors, their daily expression, their ambitious truth, their obsession with the scars, the memories, the experience of living intensively, which attempts to filter the truth of all. And becomes a lonely proposition (if it’s not popular and easy to understand). Unfortunately or fortunately for the masses “poetry triumphs over intelligence”, (T.S. Eliot) so it’s beyond reason, science, religion, morality, social codes, political discourse, and socio-political and philosophical trends. It is a lonely road, just like an ocean to explore by the unseen.

~ by Rafael Martel on May 16, 2014.

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