Caridad Rodríguez deserves the support of West New York and Hudson County voters this June 3rd!

Rafael Román Martel
I’ve known Caridad Rodriguez for many years: she is a woman of integrity and character. A woman who has dedicated her life, in a quiet and unselfish way to help her community. Long before I met her personally I heard stories from friends in West New York about how she helped people while being secretary to the now Congressman Albio Sires.

When she ran for her first office in politics she carried an extensive and illustrious career as an honest and efficient civil servant.

Caridad, like all politicians has her critics. One thing she can never be accused of is betraying anyone, informing on anyone or betraying her principles by going back to Communist Cuba posing as a tourist, much less as a Communist collaborator while serving as an American public official. She is loyal to her values, her friends, her political allies, her constituency, and more importantly to herself.

She is not the most eloquent and press-seeking politician but her record speaks for itself: she is always been a strong voice for the people she served.

She will be a estimable representative of the people of West New York and Hudson County as a Freeholder. That’s why she has earned the support of the (HDCO) Hudson County Democratic Organization. That’s why she has the support of Congressman Albio Sires, North Bergen Mayor and State Senator Nicholas Sacco, whose efforts to unite the HDCO have brought him and Union City Mayor and State Senator Brian Stack- a personal friend and the greatest mayor Union City ever had -together in recent initiatives like the inauguration of Hudson County Park.

Caridad Rodríguez is recognized by the people of West New York as a competent commissioner.

Even in turbulent times she has been the voice of reason. She has been the balance between reasonable solutions and anarchy in West New York.

She went on to win a State Assembly seat, always dedicated to serve the people of West New York and Hudson County. She is now seeking a seat in the Hudson County Board of Freeholders. Her public and personal life are an example as the best of our community.

Caridad and her husband Joe arrived in this country from their native Cuba seeking freedom. Through hard work, commitment, and true faith in American values they raised a great family, and an equally formidable reputation.

Always serving others, never closing a door no matter where anyone came from, their religious beliefs, race, physical appearance or social status she tried her best to assist everyone equally. Both Joe and Caridad have been there for our community always. Proof of this is the testimony of hundreds, if not thousands of West New York and Hudson County residents through out the more than three decades that Mrs. Rodríguez has been serving the public. On June 3rd. we should be there for her.

Her husband Joe is a personal friend. An outstanding man, who always seeks resolutions to problems through diplomacy and kindness. Joe avoids confrontation in favor of promoting understanding and reaching a solution that will benefit the majority. A member of the great Peter-Pan generation he worked himself to be an engineer, and a successful and appreciative Cuban-American.

Outside of West New York Caridad has always supported democracy around the world. She is a true democrat, a true defender of human rights around the globe. She has taken a stand against unjustified immigration policies to total support for the most progressive democratic movements that resist the forces of totalitarianism today in Venezuela and always against the Castro Cartel in her native Cuba. She has always been on the side of Democracy.

As she has effectively served in the State Assembly and West New York Board of Commissioners, where she’s been the voice of acumen among political upheaval, she will also serve as a Hudson County Freeholder in the best interests of the people she represents, always true to her principles.

She will deliver to the residents of Hudson County RESULTS: honesty, hard work: the ethics which had ruled her life.

She is an integral woman. She is a committed civil servant.

Caridad Rodríguez deserves the support of Hudson County residents, specially the residents of West New York on the upcoming county elections on June 3rd. She has committed more than 30 years of her life to listen to the concerns of West New York residents, and take action to resolve their problems. She has worked long days and long hours to improve the situation in West New York even before she ran for her first public office. She is never been an ambulance-chaser politician, running after TV cameras and newspapers or spouting foam from her mouth all of her accomplishments to create self-serving media attention, like some pseudo-politicians do, only to feed their insatiable and voluminous egos. This is a revealing difference between her and her opponent in this election.

She is running against everything she embodies.

The least we can do as a Hispanic community is to vote for her on June 3rd, specially the Cuban community in West New York. Caridad Rodriguez has demonstrated she is highly qualified and will be an extremely efficient Freeholder for her district, and for West New York residents. Take a few minutes of your time to vote for a woman who has given us a lifetime of commitment to West New York and Hudson County. On June 3rd. vote for Caridad Rodríguez for County Freeholder.


~ by Rafael Martel on May 29, 2014.

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  1. ¡Qué bella forma de expresar la realidad!

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