40 years after: President Nixon’s Farewell to the White House Staff

Forty years ago I was fifteen years old and I saw this speech live. It is a classic, the most revealing speech of one of America’s greatest presidents. His words reflect the essence of a man who changed international politics in favor of our foreign policy. He, along with Henry Kissinger were the architects of international “Triangular politics” which divided China and the former USSR, and planted the seeds for the fall of Communism in 1989. Barack Obama is a good man but if men like Nixon and Reagan would be in power today the world would be a safer place, and America would be respected and feared by the barbaric hordes that plague the East and the ruthless dictators that rule most of Latin America, and KGV Chief Putin would be easily handled, after all these guys dealt with Nikita Kruschev, “The Butcher of the Ukraine” who murdered, under Stalin’s orders, 5 million Ukranians, and Leonid Brezhnev, another mass murderer hit man for Stalin since 1923. Next to these guys Putin is a marriage counselor.

Nixon’s enemies would not forgive his daring, his unfathomable mind, his persuasive capacity, and most of all his anti-communism. At the end he didn’t hate. He dug deep into his soul to find forgiveness, and he would come back to be a valuable advisor to following presidents, and one of the greatest political writers in history. May God Bless his soul. Here’s is a link to his Presidential Library: http://nixonfoundation.org.


~ by Rafael Martel on August 8, 2014.

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