Obama’s Hands with the Castros Sealed with the Blood of Martyrs

It’s just sinking on me and it hurts. After day speaking to the press about Obama’s decision, it started sinking deep. I can’t help but thinking about my brothers of the 30th of November, the more than 400 of its members that fell in front of a firing squad in just one day: August 31 1962. The score of thousands who fell, the score of thousands who suffered under Castro’s hate.The countless martyrs like Bienvenido Infante and Pedro Luis Boitel and the endless list. The political prisoners like Mario Chanes de Armas, more than 30 years in the Cuban Gulag and the countless others. The thousands that lost their lives trying to scape the island-prison. I thought about my parents and their sacrifice to take me out of Cuba and the countless parents that did the same for their sons and daughters, always confident that the US would not betray their dream of restoring democracy to the land they loved, and still left for the sake of their children’s future.I progressively kept on thinking about the 30+ years that I put my grain of sand, endless hours into a democratic project for Cuba, the beatings, the fights, the debates, the huge protests in NYC in the 80’s and 90’s, the struggle against all odds but always with the hope that one day freedom would prevail in Cuba. I keep on thinking about people that I have admired most of my life like Israel Abreu and Mario Fernandez the first imprisoned for 16 years, the second a Man who dedicated all of his life to promote democracy in Cuba. All for nothing. And to think that I went against my own people to campaign twice for Obama because my father always told me that he would take me to a place where I could speak freely, without fear. I’ve done that. Based on my father’s promise I hope that the Wrath of God falls on Barack Obama and his generations in a trillion manifestations. His treaty with the Castros is sealed in the blood of martyrs.


~ by Rafael Martel on December 18, 2014.

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