With Dr. Richard Boiardo, this man saved my arm and prevented another life threatened episode in just a week. I will always be indebted to him. A great surgeon, an excellent human being. Here on May 24, 2015, five days after the surgery/West Orange, NJ.

I have been writing most of my life, I never thought I would have to write a thank you note like this. Two weeks ago I suffered from an attack of hypoglycemia. I found myself in a diabetic coma, at the edge of death. As I fell, I fractured my arm in five pieces, severely damaging nerves and muscle tissue. Never faced this situation before. Evidently I was able to survive and write this testimony, it is about the people whom I never met before, and who are not appreciated even though we always see them in the streets, coffee shops, hardly recognizing their presence until we have to call them.

The first response to my 911 call was the Union City Police Department who called the Paramedics. this call was made my wife Idania, who even though we are in the middle of a separation did not hesitate to seek help, it would save my life. These people, realizing the danger of the situation, got onto work earnestly while taking me to Hoboken University Medical Center where I finally came out of the coma after sometime surrounded by a group of nurses, doctors, and I clearly remember the concern on the faces of the paramedics as I was coming out of the coma.

On Monday, the 18th, I faced another challenge: to save my arm. It was a complicated surgery that lasted three and a half hours. I was lucky that a great surgeon was on duty the night I fell and he performed the surgery. It is right to recognize and thank these great people who are not often mentioned in the news. UCPD, Paramedics, Dr. Jurado, Dr. Boiardo, nurses and staff of Hoboken University Medical Center Hospital: You make a difference every day, you saved my life. God Bless.

A time to thank the Union City Police Department, not only protecting us from the bad guys but saving lives, this time mine.

~ by Rafael Martel on May 25, 2015.

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