Among Democrats…

It’s becoming clearer by the day. The soul of the democratic party has been shaken and the sacred cows of the party are working the phones, the interminable checkbooks, the owed favors and the everlasting list of tricks from the illusionist bag of American politics because Barack Obama is moving people like no other democrat can do it today.

He’s not the token black guy. He’s not your regular corruption-friendly minority candidate, nor is he willing to bend to Darkness herself: Hillary. Nor is the Bill Clinton Cult willing to move like they did in 1992. They are old now. They have been tainted by politics and vacations and inner demons.

The days of wine and roses are over. Hillary thought that older and wiser makes it easier but, as she found out last Monday, when the tough gets going she even has to appear to look human. For Hillary an olympic task.

Barack is making it simple for people to believe in his leadership with a direct message, charisma and enthusiasm, all wrapped up in essence. That’s where the democratic machine crashed the last two elections. Its leaders lacked that most precious ingredient in politics. Hillary follows suit. Her past hunts her. In the next few weeks she will be wrapped and laced and sent to your home like a Tiffany glass courtesy of the Big Democratic Machine, the same that fooled the voters of New Hampshire yesterday.

I am beginning to believe that Barack Obama really can do it. He could break the evil spell and make us all believe again in the potential of this country as the strongest democracy in the world.

There is nothing to lose. There’s always the chance that Obama’s dream could become a rough awakening but it’s alive. Hillary, on the other hand, is a recurrent nightmare, a chronic labyrinth.


3 Responses to “Among Democrats…”

  1. Like Obama says “Americans… still believe in an America where anything’s possible – they just don’t think their leaders do.” 🙂 I like this piece you wrote very much Mr.Martel!

    YOUR FAVORITE STUDENT (hahaha) Jennifer Amaya

  2. hey Mr. martel
    Its aesha.

  3. Hey Aesha! Thanks for visiting our site! You’re The best!!!

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