Ashley Alexandra Dupré: Spit-zer’s jevita in the Hamptons and Spitzer in hiding!

Ironically, to the extreme right of the picture is the beautiful Ashley Alexandra Dupré, surrounded by her gorgeous friends in the Hamptons. Spitzer, the Wall Street Sheriff, has taken refuge in an unidentified location where he should get some treatment. Will the dignified, brilliant, (Harvard Lawyer) and also very beautiful Silda Spitzer stay with this douche bag? Hard to tell, easy to answer in a logic manner. It has been reported that Eliot has been enjoying the services of prostitutes for at least ten years while persecuting and prosecuting people for various crimes, including his own. Did the power get to him? Did the money get to him? His powerful Wall Street enemies will not forget. Will his wife? Many men would pay more than $5,000 an hour just to decently date her. Eliot Spitzer went hunting, spent a fortune seeking his prey, when he had his most valuable prize at home.

Beautiful Silda Spitzer: If Ashley Alexandra is worth $5000/hr, Silda is priceless.


3 Responses to “Ashley Alexandra Dupré: Spit-zer’s jevita in the Hamptons and Spitzer in hiding!”

  1. Indeed ! As beautiful inside than outside. A very great lady !

  2. Dude, you are right on the mark. I am in my late 30’s and generally like women younger than me (as Ashley Dupre is), yet, I would take Silda Wall over Ashley every day of the week. There are women in their 30’s that would give their 1st born child to look like Silda, let alone have her education and background.

    Spitzer is a class A a-hole hypocrite for cheating on his WIFE and doesn’t deserve the public trust. That said, prostitution should be legal, particularly in the country that originated the concept of the individual as a self-governing entity.

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