Ashley Dupre on 20/20 next Friday!

Ashley Dupre’s first television interview, with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, will air next Friday, Nov. 21.

Ashley Dupre, Eliot Spitzer’s paid-for paramour, has spilled her guts to ABC News’ Diane Sawyer.

But she didn’t exactly tell all.

Sawyer interviewed the New Jersey runaway who became a high-priced hooker, it was confirmed Friday – but it’s unlikely there will be any details about her dalliance with the former governor.

“People who think this is all about Eliot Spitzer are going to be disapointed,” an insider said.

“Diane has done extensive reporting on prostitution. This is another chapter in that reporting.”
Sawyer spent two years working on a prostitution piece for “Primetime” that didn’t air until after Spitzer resigned when it was revealed he’d spent time with Dupre.

It was Spitzer who helped propel Dupre to household name status, so it’s likely the subject will be touched on, but not the main focus. Word is Sawyer talked to Dupre on Thursday about how a young woman from Wall Township, N.J., runs away from home, changes her name and becomes a big-time New York call girl.

The interview, first noted at, is expected to take up two parts of the hour-long “20/20” next Friday.


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