Before we Announce Our Huge Patriotic Weekend Take Note:

Read The One and Only:

Young, bright Cuban-Americans have formed an informational block that exasperates the Cuban Communists, not to mention the Cafe Guerrillas in The US! They’ll give their side of the story; which is 99% of the time right-remember objective journalism only exists in the mind of the useful idiot! Don’t miss their daily news and analysis!

Read the ultimate news about Father Fidel and Mother Raul: humor, variety, all behind the sharp mind of Fantomas: the king of all secret agents! And a great guy:

This is one the men who helps all Cuban-American blogs along with Review of Cuban-American Blogs. José publishes from the Capital of the World the best stuff! Thank you José!

Frank, from Pinceladas de Cuba is just one of those people that show a great heart and commitment to democracy. He’s on top of the Cuban news all the time. He has no hairs in his tongue! (No tiene pelos en la lengua) Don’t miss this great blog! Thank you for your valuable support! You know we are always on your side: On the Side of Freedom and Democracy! God Bless Frank!

Ninety Miles Away, a touch of poetry coming from a poet’s dream: Sarasota. I want to fish there some day! Read through the waves sounding words about the crude reality of today’s Cuba and American politics, nothing like poetic prose to face you up to reality. Like my favorite poet T.S. Eliot, wrote: “Humankind cannot stand too much reality.” Well, Ninety Miles Away will give you a Buirnt Norton and the Four Quartets in the Cuban situation as warm as the Sarasota breeze allows the longitudes of the written word. Read it!

From Sweden our friend and fellow democrat Guillermo Millán gives hell to Fidel and bull to Raul. Millán and his team get the latest information from Cuba through their close contacts with the democracy activists in the prison island! Read this great blog!

Jay Martínez is 100% Cuban living in Puerto Rico. He publishes fresh news from the island that the official press suppress. His wife, Claudia Linares, is also a highly respected journalist and patriot. Martínez has the radio show with the highest audience in Puerto Rico: Magazine Cubano. God Bless man, I hope I can meet you in person some day and give you a big thank you hug for all you do for a Democratic Cuba! Read the latest news from the island at

With the latest news from Cuba Mirando a Cuba tell it like it is. Read:


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