Breaking News: Judas is Mexican!

Rafael Román Martel

The Clinton campaign is getting desperate by the minute. The pathetic political figure of Geraldine Ferraro made racial remarks, most notably that America was in love with the concept that Obama was black and running for president, which experts affirm are orders straight from the Arkansas couple. Ferraro was reprimanded by everybody except the Clintons, who kept quiet for a few days waiting for the desired effect. She musn’t be talking about Hannity’s America.

James Carville made the smart remark, well suited for Holy week, that New Mexico governor Bill Richardson was Judas because he supported Obama instead of Hillary. Richardson owes most of his career to the Clintons, according to Carville’s accusation. This has to be a wake-up call for the Hispanic community who supports Hillary because “she is very good.” The implication that the highest-ranking Latino in the Democratic party is Judas to the very white Clintons has to be taken as an insult to all Hispanics. It simply implies that we cannot get anywhere in national politics for ourselves; we need people like Hillary and Bill Clinton to get us up there. It means that we are not qualified enough, we need to be guided and supported by the Clintons to be placed in high ranking positions in the party of inclusion. Not even the Mexicans would have the heart to call Richardson Judas, for being the Latino governor of the land the white Americans stole from them. Then again, Mexicans have a heart.

If Bill Richardson is Judas…

James Carville came to national prominence after winning a campaign that not even I would lose against Bob Dole, an honorable senior citizen who was there for the taking. When things turned really rough for the Clintons, it was Dick Morris- not Carville- who came to the rescue. Carville got married to that Republican lady nobody likes.

…then who is James Carville?

The situation is turning the color of caimito (real bad) for the Clintons and time is running as Obama runs with the Democratic ball. The Republicans are having the time of their lives pretending they are having fun watching this race. It’s all fun and games for the Republicans until they look in the mirror and see John McCain. They are already throwing the racial mud because their only chance against Obama in November is that millions come out to vote motivated by race, not issues.

The topic of race is beginning to make an impact in Republican circles. Fox News, once the answer to the CNN ultra-leftist positions, is losing viewers by the hour and causing havoc among their TV hosts, making one of them walk out of the set in the middle of a morning show.

They just don’t know what to do next. All attacks against Obama are based on race, experience and race and experience. I guess that’s what you have to do if you have a John McCain as your frontrunner. They know they already lost the election. If Hillary couldn’t steal it, they will.

Both Republicans and Clintonites could seal their destinies with the political blood of Barack Obama. It’s another way they could lose the upcoming presidential elections. Maybe then the Carvilles could have their very own reality series on Fox.


One Response to “Breaking News: Judas is Mexican!”

  1. Thank you for your article. I agree with you. I looked up James Carville’s name on the web and he seems to have a lot of comments regarding Mexicans.

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