Breaking News:Ashley Alexandra Dupre in Cambridge?! Could it be true?

Eliot Spitzer: Don’t you worry about the situation; a message from the telephone: There’s no place like home!

Close sources informed that Spitzer’s $5.000/hr friend Ashley Dupre turned down an invitation to dance to the Cambridge community in 2007. Our source, who prefers to be quoted as Big Foot, told “Ashley was offered $20,000 for a two hour dance performance to a group of hard core republicans in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The old folks were very excited but she had other gigs.” As it is, it seems that she turned down the offer because she had other gigs at the time. Curiously it’s about this time when Ashley was allegedly meeting with New York Governor, Eliot Spitzer, the man who morally betrayed everybody, our source said. This means that long before the Spitzer’s prostitution embarrassment, Ashley was already a national commodity, sought after by many from a diverse array of states. The beautiful Ashley is now seeking a contract in the music business after turning down a juicy contract from Penthouse and Hustler Magazines. Rumors fly in the Hollywood community that A. Dupre might come on Oprah or Danny Deutsh (bag), you know, the MSNBC guy nobody watches. It is also said that she might be on the morning shows with Regis and the anorexia nervosa woman. The fact is that Ashley has become a national symbol or rather a sex-symbol of the XXI century. She’s held as a symbol of progressive thought and evolution. We await the next phone call to inform you on the latest news on Ashley, hoping that this episode will teach people like Eliot Spitzer that “There’s nothing like home”. (Industry):


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