“Brian P. Stack and The UCPD Celebrate National Night Out”

Lt. Emilio Gonzalez, Commissioner Chris Irizarry, Commissioner Tilo Rivas, Union City Mayor and State Senate Democratic Candidate, Brian P. Stack, UC Chief of Police Charles Everett, Captain Barrett, Police Officers Gaeta and Antonmarchi.

Photos: Frances Martel and Rafael Martel.

Thousands of Union City residents came out on a hot and muggy night to celebrate National Night Out Against Crime with Union City Mayor, Brian Stack, and the Union City Police Department!


Officer Lugo proudly sports UCPD’s latest upgrade: the brand new scooters will patrol city wide making the UCPD more mobile and efficient.

Union City’s Finest: UCPD Supervisor Emilio Gonzalez, Officer Gaeta, and Officer Antonmarchi. Loved by Emerson High School students and highly respected by faculty and administration, Officer Antonmarchi works with our youth on a daily basis, making EHS a safer place to teach and study.

Union City’s Finest: Officer Cetinich and Police Chief Everett

Supervisor Emilio Gonzalez, always dedicated to the wellbeing of the community.


Top Emersonian, member of the historic Class of 2008, Elyn Urbina.

Commissioner Chris Irizarry and Public Works Director Phil Iacovello in full support of Brian Stack’s Night Out Against Crime.


Union City First-Brian Stack’s Brigade loyal members and very hard workers John Medina, Jairo Caro, and Danny Rivera working for the community on the National Night Out Against Crime.

Every year Union City Superintendent of Schools, Sandy Sanger, comes out on this special night to work with the community.

Members of the North Hudson Regional Fire Department from Union City always there for its residents, like every year on this night in full support of the National Night Out Against Crime.

Mike The Mime entertained Union City residents of all ages.


2 Responses to ““Brian P. Stack and The UCPD Celebrate National Night Out””

  1. hey mr. martel i finally got to see your page…i love it! i’ll see you i class

  2. Hola: Rafael no he podido encontarme contigo por aqui por tu viejo vecindario, pero es de agrado que puedo ver como tu trabajo hace impacto en nuestra comunidad. Espero que continues con esta labor tan necesitada y que ayuda a educar a la comunidad tanto de Union City como sus vecinos. Saludos a tu family y sabe que estamos para servirte y todos.

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