Brian Stack sets record straight in the Jersey Journal!

Smear effort by her lawyer

Friday, April 11, 2008
The Jersey Journal

I am writing to respond to a story that appeared in the April 1 edition of The Jersey Journal, regarding the contribution of funds to my campaign from Ms. Luisa Medrano. While justice is the desired outcome of any trial, on rare occasion the dynamics related to the judicial process are politically motivated. The referenced news story conveys such an instance.

Clearly, my campaign would never knowingly accept contributions from a business that was either tainted or under investigation for impropriety, as such action would not be in accordance with the ideals of my campaign.

What has yet to be mentioned is that the City of Union City closed Ms. Medrano’s establishment on two occasions, indicating that no preferential treatment was offered. In addition, when it was discovered that there was a problem with Ms. Medrano’s bar, the campaign donations that were obtained from her business were donated to a local shelter.

Furthermore, I am disappointed in legal counsel’s decision to invoke my name. It is evident that there was no basis for that particular line of questioning, other than to attempt to smear my character. I believe that such deviating questions can only result in the promulgation of politically motivated misinformation. Subsequently, it is important to note that said attorney had been removed as a lawyer for the Union City Board of Education and may carry a grudge.

Moreover, I continue to make every attempt to ensure that local laws are enforced. No administration in recent memory has been more diligently involved in public safety than this one. In an effort to enhance the safety of our city, we have permanently closed over a dozen liquor establishments, and changed the closing time for liquor establishments from 3 a.m. to 2 a.m. The cleanup of these establishments and our ongoing commitment to public safety helps to improve the quality of life for every resident within our community. I am confident in asserting that the issue of public safety is, and has always been, far more critical to my administration than any campaign contribution.



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