Brian Stack’s Union City First holds 2010 Campaign Kick off Meeting!

Not even the freezing temperatures on this Tuesday night, January 12, 2010, prevented hundreds of Union City Mayor Brian Stack’s supporters from filling up the Hijos de Fomento Grand Hall on 38th Street. “We will work hard like we always have. I anticipate opposition and I don’t take anything for granted,” said Stack, interrupted by applause and cheers from the members of his organization.

The Mayor and NJ State Senator explained the importance of every campaign for him, concentrating his message in the unity and effectiveness of “Union City First”, Hudson County’s most motivated and cohesive political organization, which combines its efforts with Brian Stack’s Civic Association, helping thousands of residents yearly.

Stack’s goals are clear: keep the progress going in Union City. During his time as mayor, significant advances have been made. His leadership by example, working 14- to 16-hour days, his understanding of his people’s problems and eagerness to listen to their concerns have solidified the admiration and friendship of most who know him.

Tomorrow, Stack launches his campaign. For him there is no small foe, no time to waste, no one he can’t reach with his positive and constructive message. His commissioners explained the achievements of Stack’s administration, unseen in this city that eleven years ago was under the yoke of a greedy political machine whose priorities were politics first and people last. Since Stack became mayor, considerable changes have taken place, not only in the physical structure of the city but in the core of local government, its educational system, police and fire departments. Changes that are palpable and unarguable for anyone who decides to challenge New Jersey’s Mayor.

Union City’s Finest and loyal supporters of Brian P. Stack Lt. Martinez, and Captain Emilio Gonzalez, Two great police officers and public servants in the Union City Police Department present at tonight’s meeting.


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