Bush 140 Billion Dollar Package!

Bush pushes a 140 billion dollar package to bust the economy. Wait a minute-wasn’t the economy stable and the stores full two months ago? Don’t Democrats say that Bush doesn’t care about domestic issues? Isn’t Bush SATAN? What JAPEN MAN? Who’s doing this brotha? Who are the speculators? Who’s playing with our money? Who’s playing with the future of this country? Didn’t we win the Oil Wars in the name of democracy? Are you confused? So am I. The powers that be keep on telling people to BUY and BUY more and get into unpayable debts, then they claim that there’s a recession. And there is. Yet they keep on squeezing the middle class while the CEO’s of the the big companies make in 10 minutes what the regular folk would never dream of making in 50 years. I’m regular folk. I pay taxes just like you, and I am beginning to FEEL DA PAIN. Ya know whatIamsaying! There will come a time when they’ll keep on hitting the steel box until it breaks, from the inside. Where is Wall Street taking this country? How can we keep on feeding the politics of the world if we see that day by day we are just destroying the base. DA Base is the Middle Class. Credit to Bush and the Democrats and all who want to make it better. It’s just NOT happening. Great empires are destroyed from within. All of us who read some history know that. The moral fiber of America lies in the streets gangs, in the insatiable lust of a ME Generation. In the lost ideals that have held the country together. Why aren’t some of these candidates and politicians saying: “know what: don’t buy shit. These people are playing with your money, with your future. They keep on selling you useless stuff so you can’t pay an education or plan for the future of your children while the big companies CEO’s make millions every week“. Are these people “Duming us down?” Keep on trucking but stop sometime and think before they drag you down the slaughter house like sheep. Watch Reuters Report HERE.


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