Can Obama fight two against the ropes?

Rafael Román Martel

The Clintons keep on attacking Barack Obama, who by this time doesn’t really know who is he running against. Confusion, the race card, simple good ol’ Southern propaganda is making its mark for the Clinton’s campaign. Like they always say: you get two for the price of one.

Obama is running against a formidable machine that will demolish anything in its path, will make any deal, will promise anything, will sit down with anybody without one ounce of scruples to achieve their goal: power. He might as well run against Satan. At least with the devil he might have a slighter chance of fairness.

The African-American community is not betraying their own candidate if they vote for the Clintons. We live in a democracy but the fact that Bill Clinton is the one who ignited the race issue in this campaign sends a clear message that their campaign was ready to “work” the black vote. Just like the African American Community, the Hispanic community has been fed by the Clinton campaign of the extreme danger of his middle name: Hussein. Unfortunately our minority population repeats most of what they hear without asking any questions of substance. How many times has Hillary visited your community in the last 50 years? Probably none. What significant changes did she bring in her 8 years as First Lady? (since she now takes credit for Clinton questionable success). This is a woman rapped around scandal and controversy: Whitewater, Travelgate, et al. Nobody in our communities takes time to examine if they would hired someone with the Clinton’s background to watch over their house. Surely they revolutionized the 90’s redefining American values, ethics and the verb to be. That’s what they called “reinventing the government”. These guys are not kidding. For those who are old enough: Do you remember “reinventing government”. What happened?

I would never question the legitimacy of any African-American leader’s support for Clinton. At the same time Obama is the most electable candidate and credited political leader that the African American community had at least since I can remember. Not supporting him is also turning your back from having a real candidate-for the first time-running for the highest office in the world.

The “race card” attacks on Barack Obama show nothing but fear. Fear of the senator from raising the stakes and taking away their masks and their chances. The strategy is to try to get as much support as they can from the black leaders, create confusion and fear in the community by spreading rumors that Obama would never be elected and the Republicans would take the White House again and eat your children. And lastly, create a new Hillary who would give more, bring a better quality of life, be more sensitive-as her husband was-to African American issues. After eight years in power what significant changes did they bring to the African American communities? What palpable results could they claim? That is a real fairy tale.

I don’t agree with some of Barack Obama’s positions. On Cuba’s policy, for example, where he wants to open the debate with the Communists, I oppose his views but at least he tells me where he stands. With the Clintons the room is dark. The lights are out. And the only reality I can see is the experience of what they did to my community in the 90’s. When Castro murdered four Cubans-two of them American citizens- in the Brothers to the Rescue shoot down-they did nothing. They initiated immigration talks with Cuba when Castro launched another Mariel in 1994. They bowed down to Castro’s political blackmail. They took away the immigration status Cubans were rewarded with because of our political situation. People forget that the Cuban peope lived under a dictatorship for 49 years. Many of us were born in it.

Forty nine years.

And when electricity came back and the room was lighted again, Hillary had destroyed the healthcare system, and made it into a health factory full of clinics that lowered the quality of healthcare while taking millions from the government, some of them were accused of fraud. Money was the first agenda in the already corrupted medical and pharmaceutical fields.

The Clinton’s will keep on attacking Barack Obama until they get what they want: Good old senator McCain. Their problem is not the republicans, who need a miracle to recover from the lack of leadership in their lackluster candidates. The Clinton’s immediate problem is Barack Obama. They are already taking care of business: dividing the black community and guiding minorities like the Hispanics to the voting machines. In my community many repeat: “Hillary is good”. When asked what has she done there is no answer. She’s just “good.”

After Obama is taken care of, McCain is easy pickings. The Clinton’s campaign wizards and lizards are experience in this kind of good old senators. McCain is a good man. He is a terrible presidential candidate. The Democrat meat grinding machine knows that, just ask the New York Times that already endorsed him.

I admire Obama’s talent and courage but politics is a very expensive poker game. And if you are playing poker you want Hillaty and Bill on your side. It’s a tough road ahead for the young senator.

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