Cotto smokes Gomez in five! Thanks HBO for such a great transmition cut!

It took a few seconds of the first round to clearly see that Alfonso Gómez was too far out of his league. He would go down in the third round from a targeted body shot a lo Cotto. Greatness took its toll on the reality series celebrity who last year knocked out an old and too far over his weight Arturo Gatti. At times it seemed that Cotto was in a sparring session. Gomez went down on the 5th again, without ever gaining any respect from the great Cotto. It was a mismatch. The fight was stopped at the end of the 5th. Cotto has only a few fights left to become one of the top ten fighter of all time: Mayweather and Margarito are two welters who could provide some competition.

HBO messed up transmission! Great Job!

In the middle of a third round knock down, the HBO transmission just collapsed, at least in the Northeast. Hey that’s great! Who was doing the camera work: Larry Merchant? After all the money we pay for HBO and its affiliates the multimillion dollar TV empire should show more respect for its viewers. There’s no excuse for this to happen in Atlantic City. The event wasn’t in the middle of the jungle. Thanks for taking our money without accountability, the accountability that the HBO CEO’s demand of every worker underpaid by the cable TV empire.


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