Emerson High School’s Last Year: Cuban-American Teacher of The Year!

Teachers from Emerson and Union Hill High Schools met today for a day the Union City School District dedicates to educators, and where seniors from both high schools organize and conduct a workshop where the student and teacher roles intertwine, developing a rewarding exercise under the Peer Group Connection educational initiative.

It was also a day to recognize the teachers of the year in the last year for both high schools.

Union Hill High School’s Teacher of The Year, Anthony Messina, Union Hill’s Principal, David Wilcomes, and Mrs. Vazquez.

Adela Vazquez has been teaching for 37 years at Emerson High School. I can attest first hand to her love and dedication. You see, I sat in her classroom 33 years ago. Since 1973 she has been teaching Math, Algebra, Calculus, Geometry and any other of almost impossible arithmetical puzzle that only she and an elite circle of science lovers can understand. Somehow I passed her class with a… well, I passed. If you met her, if you were in her class, no matter where you are from or at what point during her career you were her student, all arrive to the same conclusion: Mrs. Vazquez is a great teacher.

Born in Cuba, Mrs. Vazquez has taught generations of her compatriots as well as students from many countries in this ethnically diverse community. As one of those Cubans who arrived in Union City in the early 70’s, it was a privilege to meet her wonderful family and to add my voice of gratitude to so many.

She was recognized by her peers and the big family at Emerson High School. Well-deserved, and perhaps the best timing now that Emerson High School goes to the winter of its historic existence.

Congratulations and a Big Thank You Mrs. Vazquez!


4 Responses to “Emerson High School’s Last Year: Cuban-American Teacher of The Year!”

  1. hi ms Vssquez… mi nombre es Lorena Umpierrez fui su alumna hace un par de anos… queria saludarla y felicitarla por tan merecido reconocimiento…. saludos!!!!

  2. […] Mrs. Adela Vazquez, Cuban-American teacher with 38 years of service to EHS students. As her former student I love her, as a Cuban-American I am extremely proud of her. Read more about Ms. Vazquez here. […]

  3. Hello Mr. Vazquez. My name is Martin Brand. I am not sure if you remember me, but I was in your homeroom for my 4 years in Emerson High School. (class of 82) I am now in my second career as a 3rd grade bilingual teacher in Houston Texas and I can only pray that I can influence my students half as much as you influenced me. Congratulations on your award. God bless

  4. Hola Teacher!!! Soy Monica Guerrero!!! Aqui viendo esta pagina y que orgullosa me siento de usted… Definitivamente fue una inspiracion para mi y mi vidad. Yo tambien me he dedicado a la ensenanza. Segui su ejemplo de ser una profesora paciente, amorosa y muy entregada a mis alumnos… Okay so here goes the other side: I am a bilingual teacher too!!! Great to hear you continued to work on people’s brains like you did mine… Congratulations !!!! You deserved it way back in 1981 when you were my teacher….so long over due!!! …..Monica Guerrero

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