Federer wins Wimbledon and Inmortality!

Those of us who witnessed the championship match at the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world, Wimbledon, also watched the greatest tennis player of all time win his 15th Grand Slam singles title. To American Andy Roddick, we tip off our hats. He gave everything of himself, gaining tremendous respect from fans around the world. He was cheered and applauded generously by the Wimbledon crowd and most tennis fans around the planet. For the greatest tennis player of all time, it was the zenith of his profession, the ultimate moment: Federer had won 15 Grand Slams in four different surfaces.

In the lead-by-example tradition of tennis, he gave props to Pete Sampras, the player he admired since he was very young, and whose record he broke today as Federer awaits the birth of his first son by his wife Mirka.

For all of us who have played the game and appreciate the talent required to achieved greatness in this tough sport, let the crowning of Federer be a part of our lifetime, a part of history in sports that we were privileged to witness.

Congratulations Roger Federer, whom we called “Da Mosnta” since the beginning of our blog, and we hope that you continue to bring great tennis and great moments in history in our lifetime.


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