Great people, Good Food, Great Times!

A group of friends got together in Union City to celebrate three college students who recently graduated from Harvard University. Of all the politics, the writing, the work, and all that comes with the daily struggles, these are the really important things in life. Congratulations to Ashley Mannetta, Jonathan Hernández and Frances Martel, three Harvardians who graduated Magna Cum Laude last month from the greatest academic institution in the world. We missed Roger Mercado, also a Harvarian who couldn’t make it this Saturday. I guess he wants a special party for himself, and you know what: he deserves it. Thanks to my friends for making this an unforgettable afternoon and first of all Thank God for my friends and my great family.

Ashley Mannetta, Frances Martel, and Jonathan Hernández graduated with high honors from Harvard University last month. They distinguished themselves as leaders among a very competitive student body. Congratulations!

José and Francisca Martel have been married for 58 years, they have been residents of Union city for the past 36 years, with them our friend Benny Gutiérrez.


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