Harvard Commencement 2009! Congratulations!

Frances Martel receives her diploma graduating with high honors and receiving distinctions from Currier House at Harvard. Martel received the prestigious Elizabeth D’Estreé Award “to a dynamic woman whose zest for life and positive leadership has most impacted life”. Ms. Martel fluently speaks and writes four languages: English, Spanish, Greek and German, and has studied Japanese. At Harvard she has the distinction of being the first woman of Latino descent to run for Harvard Undergraduate Council President. Her initiative inspired the second hispanic woman to run and first to win the presidency of the Undergraduate Council: Ms. Andrea Flores. She was President and Treasurer of her own Currier House and a reporter and writer for On Harvard Time, the weekly TV show for this great academic institution. She was a staff writer for The Harvard Independent, and for the last three years its publisher. Ms. Martel is also a proud staff writer for one of the most popular and the best boxing internet magazines: Ringtalk.com whose founder and editor, Pedro Fernandez, offered her an opportunity to write for the magazine when, at 17, start of her freshman year at Harvard University, she covered her first prize fight for La Voz News in New Jersey. These are some of the accomplishments of Ms. Martel during her time at Harvard University. Congrats Fran! You are The Best!


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