Hillary and Obama at The Finish Line!

Rafael Román Martel

When we first endorsed senator Barack Obama, we predicted that he was in against the dirtiest, lowest kind of political animals: The Clintons. Satan would have ran a cleaner campaign than Hillary and her clan. We knew that we were in for a wave of criticism, since we are the first Cuban American blog that supported him and one of the very few that supports Barack Obama’s candidacy for the Democratic nomination, taking into consideration that we are far from being Socialists and we are fervent anti-Communists. Nevertheless, our support has been neatly explained.

The extreme right is having a party with Obama and Reverend Wright, the latter now a political tool of the Clintons and reprehensible cynics such as Rush Limbaugh. Wright makes the coined phrase “The man divides and conquers” a reality in today’s national political scene. The covers of the major newspapers of April 30, 2008 show a picture of Obama and Rev. Wright, sending, again, a subliminal message that has long played a part of American politics: black against black.

The race card is not played white against black this time. That is for the blue collar workers who lost their jobs in traditional American towns, and are easy targets of manipulative elitists like the Clintons.

Even though we know that if Obama is nominated the Karl Roves of this world will make a nice meal out whatever the Clintons haven’t been able to digest, it is from the left where he’s getting the worst shots. Once again the Clintons, known cheaters and liars, have rewritten the book on down-South politics. They are still reinventing the government, read “reinventing politics”, and don’t forget The Bridge to the XXI Century. They were going to build a “bridge” to this century.

A bridge mined with lies, personal ambition over the common interest; a bridge infested by the larceny in their hearts.

Hillary Clinton wants to build a bridge with the bricks of hate and deceit.

We expressed our concern that Obama would survive what he’s now dealing with. Yet we are firm in supporting him because he has maintained his word. He’s a uniter not a divider. He has spoken clearly to the conscience of America. He has taken no money from the big interest groups. He represents real change in a Washington flooded with lobbyists and the politics of war and greed.

It is almost mathematically impossible for the former first lady to win, but she keeps on trucking. Lately she has closed the gap in national polls. She’s counting on the anger of the blue collar workers whom she and her husband plundered into economic and social chaos by promoting NAFTA- something that now she denies.

An expert liar, she will deny or approve anything. Just like the Communists, she’s loyal to the Marxist phrase “The Ends Justify the Means”. The end is another eight years in the White House, where they will, again, live at the expense of the taxpayers, probably renting Lincoln’s bedroom out at much higher prices. The end is her coronation over everybody else’s destruction, including Barack Obama’s, yours, and mine.

She has honest followers, good people who believe in her message, which changes according to the location and political winds. She chose to be a senator from New York because her Task Force advised that it was the state in which she had a better chance to be elected, even though she had never lived in New York. Even though she has never cared about this great state.

If she visits a black church she imitates the African American accent. If she’s in a blue collar working state she drinks whiskey and beer and talks their talk. If she’s in Texas she’ll copy the Texan accent and coin their phrases. She has become all of us to reveal herself: she is a power hungry human being who would do or say anything to get her way, to achieve her personal goal.

Over any kind of ethical or moral consideration she stands on her own morals and ethics. She represents all that America doesn’t stand for.

Mrs. Clinton and her husband have sunk the bar on American values.

I truly understand my Cuban brothers for attacking Obama. They stand firm under the Republican flag with a sign that reads: “Bay of Pigs”. What is hard to understand is how soft they have been with a woman whose husband completely turned his face to our suffering and pain. And she never raised her voice to support the Cuban community. Hillary Clinton is a fake and a phony. That’s probably why Richard Nixon’s daughter is supporting Barack Obama. Anyone can see the signs: Travelgate and Whitewater, just to mention two. I strongly recommend two key books and one documentary: High Crimes and Misdemeanors by Ann Coulter, and Unlimited Access by Gary Alrich, and the very popular documentary Hillary, The Movie.

Mrs. Clinton is unfit to become the presidential candidate for the great Democratic Party.

Can she “win” though the loopholes of the political spider web? At this point it hard to predict. In politics one day is 20 years. Can she be a good president?

Dishonesty is always a bad referral. Has America reached that low? The next weeks should tell.

Is Barack Obama better? At least he has been honest and clean in his campaign. He’s speaking with a voice that Americans identity with.

Many true and honest Hillary’s supporters express their anger if Obama wins by declaring that they would vote for John McCain if Hillary wins the democratic nomination.

For my part it will be the first time I will hold my vote, always hoping for better representatives to hold the most powerful office in the world.


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