History on the Making! Barack Obama 44th President of The United States of America!

Obama Sworn in as 44th President of U.S.

Barack Obama took the oath of office today as the 44th president of the United States and pledged to “begin again the work of remaking America.”

Addressing a huge throng estimated at more than 2 million people on the capital’s Mall and millions of others watching on television, Obama recognized the multiple crises now afflicting the nation at a time of war abroad and economic turmoil at home. But he sought to rally Americans to a “new era of responsibility” and the promise of a brighter future.

He cited a profound “sapping of confidence across our land — a nagging fear that America’s decline is inevitable, and that the next generation must lower its sights.” The challenges are real, serious and many, and “they will not be met easily or in a short span of time,” he said.

“But know this, America — they will be met. On this day, we gather because we have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord. On this day, we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn out dogmas, that for far too long have strangled our politics.”

Read more at The Washington Post.

US President George W. Bush(L) and US President-elect Barack Obama leave the White House on their way to the US Capitol for the swearing in of Obama as 44th President of the US. This is the last time Bush leaves the White House. Photo:Mandel Ngan/AFP

The presidential couple looked happy and relaxed as they stepped out of their armoured Cadillac and walked down Pennsylvania Avenue to their new residence, the White House.

In front and behind them secret service agents were looking far less nonchalent, keeping an eye out for danger lurking in the crowds lining the three-kilometre parade route.

Twice President Obama and first lady Michelle left the safety of their motorcade, walking a couple of hundred meters, soaking up the applause.

Once home, they were to watch as the rest of the parade passed by.


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