Hudson County, NJ: City of Guttenberg-Mayor Delle Donna and wife face extortion charges!

The Mayor of Guttenberg, NJ, Delle Donna and his wife, are facing extortion charges. Read it all at The Jersey Journal.

Here’s an excerpt from related article from ABC News:

Apparently, the mayor has been the talk of the small Hudson County town of 10,800 residents since the FBI raided his house in January. During the raid, federal agents seized a number of files several computers, rifles and files. They also seized records from Town Hall.

The raids are believed to be connected to a human trafficking run by a former bar owner and eight others. In that case, the defendants were accused of recruiting young women in Honduras and smuggle them into the United States, then forcing them – some are as young as 14 – to dance and entertain at three bars in Guttenberg and nearby Union City. However, the mayor is not implicated in that.


2 Responses to “Hudson County, NJ: City of Guttenberg-Mayor Delle Donna and wife face extortion charges!”

  1. he is a motherfucker bastard and deserve to be in jail for th rest of his life dont he know that he came out of a female how couEld he prostitute little girls that dont even know how to clean there ass yet WHAt kind of MAYOR DID GUTTENBURG PICK I FEEL BAD

  2. Such a small world and corrupt way of life. My family is from Honduras and we think it was the ultimate disrespect. This guy used to be my softball coach for my team. It is so surprising that a man like him would think of doing such a thing. What if this had happened to their precious daughter, Dorothy? I lost every ounce of respect for him. I thought he was a good man, but his actions proved me wrong.

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