Ike Revisits Cuba!

A man walks through a flooded street in Mayari September 9, 2008

Showing it has not finished with Cuba just yet, Hurricane Ike has made its second landfall on the island nation.

Massive waves on the seafront in Havana showed the eye of the storm was getting nearer. Strong winds howled in the capital where businesses have shut up shop, only authorised travel was allowed and tens of thousands of people have fled.

“It sounds like Havana has been invaded by an army of ghosts,” said one resident.

Ike has been downgraded to a Category One storm.
But, as it headed for the Gulf of Mexico, some forecasters predicted it could strengthen there and become a major hurricane.

Cuba had already experienced Ike’s wrath. It rampaged through eastern provinces on Monday, toppling trees, destroying homes, downing power lines and claiming at least four lives.

Residents walk through flooded streets after strong winds and rain in Cielo de Avila September 9, 2008.


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