Introducing The Bradgelinos!

The Story: Brad Pitt was married to Jeniffer Whatever. She was playing hard-to-have-children-with. A dangerous game. The guys is Brad Pitt. He’s got 50 million women who want to have 100 babies with him. In comes Angelina Jolie. You see the guy is good looking but Angelina is a deity, a goddes, the woman walks in and people fall on their knees and pray to her. Angelina hooks up with Pitt and they make a movie together. Pitt is looking at this woman and he’s confused “Is she real?”, he says. “Why don’t you guys have kids?” Angelina tells Brad one day at shooting. “Well, It’s Jennifer. She doesn’t want to have kids with me. I’d LOVE to have KIDS.” “Really? She doesn’t have your kids”, and places a perfect smile in the universe as Brad Pitt is totally whipped and Angelina takes out a babero. “I know somebody who will have lots of kids with you”, she sings because at this point Pitt doesn’t hear Angelina’s voice. He hears music, angelical music coming out of her lips.

Since then Jennifer Whatever is nobody no more. Brad and Angelina are the most beautiful and happy people in the world, and look at the result: Kids all over the place! Congratulations Brad and Angelina! God Bless! What a beautiful life!

Teachable Moment- Young Ladies: When you find the best paid, best looking and richer actor in Hollywood and he says: Do you want to have kids? Just think Nike: Just DO IT!


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