James McGreevey’s ex-wife Dina Matos gets no alimony!

The Star-Ledger- Former Gov. James E. McGreevey will not have to pay any alimony to now ex-wife, Dina Matos, a Superior Court judge ruled today.

According to the decision by Family Court Judge Karen Cassidy, Matos will receive a $109,295 payout, and up to $1,075 a month in child support. Matos had previously asked for $1,750 a month in child support and a $1 million settlement.

Cassidy also ruled that McGreevey will not have to pay Matos’ attorney fees. Matos will receive half of McGreevey’s government pension, but will have to give up half of her own 401(k) pension, Cassidy ruled.

The decision was posted this afternoon on a state judicial website.

“No alimony – that’s what I’m talking about,” McGreevey’s lawyer, Stephen Haller shouted moments after reading Cassidy’s decision at his office in Denville.

Read Full Story HERE.


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