Last Year at Emerson High School: World Language Honor Societies Night!

Ms. Dominguez and her Spanish Legion

It was indeed a special night for teachers. administration, parents, family and friends but specially our students who were honored tonight, and who at the same time, honored us with their academic excellence, in this especial night when we recognize their achievements.

To be an member of the World languages Honor Society is to be a member of an elite, a member of a very special club where only those who have distinguished themselves in the application of learning a foreign language have the privilege to belong.

It’s no coincidence that the students you see here represent the brightest of the World Languages classes, it’s not a product of luck. It’s the product of hard work, dedication, commitment, where the parents and teachers play a vital role. It was for teachers and administrators of EHS a night of especial pride, seeing the proud faces of parents and family members we recognize that without the caring and support of the parents this night would have not been possible.

Without the effort of two of the finest teachers I have ever met Mr. Brembos and Ms. Dominguez this event would not be as splendid as it was. Every year they dedicate long hours to make it happen.

Congratulations to all inductees!

Ms. Budka poses with Emersonian and Hollywood Superstar; Ryan Weatherford.

Our very own tenor, Randy Pradera, an exceptional talent, a great teacher.

On the left, dancing with his students, one of Emerson’s Master Teachers, Vasili Brembos, the architect of tonight’s artistic presentation.


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