Murray VS Nadal: Smell and Tears at The US Open!

“No Shower” Nadal and “Anti-Soap” Murray resumed their dirtiness at The US Open! (Flushing Meadows, Queens, NY) These guys looked like they have not taken a shower in years, and they keep on sweating.

They might as well not.

In an anti-hygienic Sunday afternoon at Flushing Meadows, Spain’s Rafael Nadal and Britain’s favorite “Dirty Harry” Andy Murray, played for a chance to get into the finals of the most contested tournament in the world. This is the tournament that makes The French Open like a bad Hollywood script. This is the tournament that makes Wimbledon look like “French Fries”.

In any dirty case, these two guys made a strong case against soap and shower on a beautiful afternoon in New York, making viewers-including TV viewers-hold their breath for the duration of the match. It was a stinky game. Spectators held their breath until there was no more breath-or smell.

At one point it seemed like someone told Murray to “please take a shower” to what he he replied : “What?”

Tennis took secondary place as smell took over the stadium. Nadal kept on perspiring as Murray agreed. The match became an anti-soap bonanza. In Great Britain spectators were literally holding their breath for Murray, who kept the smell alive.

By the fourth set was all about dirt, not tennis.

The two players, smelling like death, smashed back and forth the victimized ball, as fans took out handkerchiefs and bottles of rubbing alcohol begging for mercy.

“Dirty Murray” was up two sets to one against “No Shower” Nadal. Drama was creeping into the smell that overtook the stadium.

People fainted but they kept on.

At 1-1 in the fourth the bellboy fainted as Murray handed back the towel. The first ambulance was called.

It had taken 22 minutes for Nadal to even the smell out, in one game.

It was going to be a long and smelly afternoon.

People started to throw away their $5 sodas. A lady with a hat full of blue flowers threw herself out the window.

Another woman with a Sarah Palin tattoo started screaming for help.

The smell of the players became a mushroom cloud.

It was 3-4 in the fourth. Nadal was running out of smell.

In contrast, it was a cloudless, impeccable New York Afternoon.

At 4-4 in the fourth people started to leave the stadium as John Mccenroe screamed “Sweat is flying!”, in a well educated euphemism.

After all is said and done, two of the best tennis players in the world gave it all in New York.

Andy Murray and his girlfriend defeated the Spanish Armada all over again, only this time it took three hours and twenty minutes.

The final score to get into the finals: 6-2, 7-6, 4-6, 6-4 for the Andy.

In an unusual Monday finals Murray will most likely be humiliated by the great one himself: Roger Federer.

It was all smell and tears at another great championship Sunday at The Open.


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