New Jersey: Another TAX, The Jon Corzine WATER TAX!

If you live in another state, it would be hard for you to understand how things work in New Jersey. You see, we pay taxes for almost everything. If a revolution explodes in the United States, the most likely place would be New Jersey. Now Governor Jon Corzine, a multimillionaire who more or less bought his public office, wants and will impose a water tax on all of us. Water before it is used and water that we already use. How do I know? Because I live in Hudson County and thanks to our senator, once mayor, Robert(o) Menendez we pay it. How do they tax us for the water that we used? They calculate it. Yes, we pay calculated taxes for the water we use. On top of that tax, I guess we can call it the Menendez tax, now Corzine wants to impose another tax on us, a new experience for the rest of the residents of New Jersey.

By the way, these politicians never vote to reduce their salaries or pensions or benefits, and if they ever do that you can be sure it would be merely a symbolic propagandistic measure. Yet the voters of New Jersey keep on electing these people, some of whom end up in jail or disgrace, just like ex Hudson County Executive, Robert Janiszewski or former Governor McGreevey.

Most machine politics bosses in New Jersey are hardcore supporters of Hillary Clinton, including Governor Corzine and Senator Menendez.

While they impose more taxes on us, these guys talk about freedom in Cuba, and every time they run for office they promise to cut our taxes. Corzine is just another New Jersey politician who shows total disregard for its hard-working people.

The Jersey Journal published an editorial today against this new up coming tax. If you live in this state get your wallet ready, if you don’t pray for us.


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