Obama takes South Carolina! Clinton barely survives Indiana! Yes WE Can!

Obama takes over the race, sweeps in North Carolina! Narrow victory for Clinton in Indiana ends her chances to be nominated!

Hillary barely takes Indiana by less than 20,000 votes!

It’s now clear that Clinton will never win the popular vote. She’s now far behind in the delegates number, and the Super Delegates are lining up for Obama, especially after tonight, and muy importante tomorrow there’s no DINERO. Viva Cinco de Mayo!

NBC projects senator Barack Obama will win South Carolina while Clinton barely took Indiana, the home of once presidential hopeful Dan Quayle(?). The race was very close in Indiana as the district count came in. The Democratic race could end as a Dream Race for the Republicans. The Democratic Convention could end as a mirror of the 1968 convention but after tonight that’s unlikely, since the democratic party will pressure Clinton to acknowledge that SHE LOST. At the finish line Barack rebounded from The Attack. It was a decisive night for Obama . It could even be better tomorrow as the absentee ballots are counted. Let’s count the votes: no CHADS!


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