Our Official Endorsement: Barack Obama is the best candidate for today’s America

Obama deserves our support

With a clear message to the middle class: lower taxes to working Americans, affordable healthcare, a sense of mission in uniting the country, and a transparency we haven’t seen since the great Ronald Reagan united this country in 1980-1988, Barack Obama is the only democrat who projects a positive message towards the future, belonging to a new generation whose time has come.

As our love and concern for the people of Cuba is a priority, we are not sure that Barack’s policy towards the Communist regime is the one that will bring democratic results. Our position is of a moral, not a practical nature. We have been publicly expressing our views against lifting the embargo for 27 years. We maintain it.

We also recognize that it hasn’t brought any practical solutions, it maintains an excuse for Castro to blame the United States for all of his failures as it maintains an anti-Castro industry in Miami, both making millions out of the misery and suffering of the Cuban people.

Lost in the middle of the Cuban debate are the victims of Castro’s dictatorship: the political prisoners who rot in Cuban jails for the simple act of expressing themselves against the regime, the courageous dissidents who risk and have lost their lives for a democratic Cuba. The more than two million of us who have been able to reach Freedom.

We need a fresh wave of leadership in Washington, filled with corridors of corruption not only in the Capitol’s halls cramped with lobbyists and special interest’s advocates.

We don’t need to go back to the 90’s, when scandal was the order of the day and the results of the Clinton policy brought the moral of the country to an all time low while we were the laughing stock of the international community. Hillary Clinton represents the status quo of the Democratic Party; a political organization that is supposed to represent the best interest of the middle and poor, not the ambitions of a dynasty from Arkansas.

At the gates of the XXI century we should be moving forward. Barack Obama speaks with a voice that we are beginning to recognize as our own. He’s doing what leaders are supposed to do: make his people believe that they can achieve great things. He is leading by example.

A Barack Obama’s government will represent a coalition that looks like today’s America. He is getting to the people’s heart because he makes them feel that he cares about their common problems. He deserves a chance to show that Washington has not forgotten about the hard working people of this country.

Americans do not believe in Washington.

The Age of Innocense has been buried since the 80’s.

National politics has become a place in sarcasm and corruption at the national table discussion or late night shows.

We are ready for change.

We are endorsing Barack Obama because he makes us believe hat change can only occur when we have the courage to make it happen.

Thank God in our country we can do that with our vote.

Barack Obama is the best candidate on either side of the two party system to bring positive change to the United States of America.


One Response to “Our Official Endorsement: Barack Obama is the best candidate for today’s America”

  1. […] This is a brilliant speech tha has already fallen in the tongues of the Republican pundits and Clintonite spin masters for, what else? Spins and racist connotations. The objective is to stop Barack Obama, who seems to have earned the nomination of the Democratic Party in very racist society. We have written extensively on the subject, including how far Hillary Clinton will go to steal the nomination, how “democrats” repeat that they’l vote for John McCain, a dead political horse, instead of voting for Obama. It’s a country in black and white. Barack faces enourmous challenges. He is the roght candidate for the times. For more read our Obama deserves our Support. […]

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