Pacquiao: domestic problems, bad for boxing!

Manny Pacquiao very angry. Jinky very angry. Movie very good! In all theaters NOW!!

Part-time boxer, full-time party Mr. Party himself, Manny Pacquiao is having some domestic problems after he was photographed kissing and dancing with his new girlfriend in a Manila disco. Now his wife Jinky is very upset. She was already steaming because Disco Man was getting too friendly with the co-star of his latest blockbuster mega film. Jinky said:

“This is Jinky Pacquiao, I saw you with my husband in a kissing scene. How sweet! Ito ang masasabi ko, kung isa ka rin sa bumabalak na manira at sirain ang pamilya ko, Hindi kita uurungan o kaya gusto mo, pupuntahan kita sa Wowowee at ipagsigawan ang kalandian mo. Balita ko, nagpahanap ka daw ng bahay. Pera ba ang kailangan mo? Subukan mo mga balak mo, lalabanan kita.”

Valerie Concepcion, Pacquiao’s co-star in his new mega film. She awoke Jinky’s rage after a kissing scene in a movie. Now Pacquiao is loose as a goose with his new girlfriends. Now we wait for next step: could Jinky make decision? Philipino power with Manny Pacquiao for president? Only time will tell!

Watch the controversy. Don’t miss the SCANDAL. Very important!!:


One Response to “Pacquiao: domestic problems, bad for boxing!”

  1. valerie and manny are perfectly much if they make them as co star in a movie trabaho lang yan, maybe jinky is insecure with manny oh dear poor thing(jinky)manny is good man he is not a show off now that he is a million man he stay thesame he knows where he come from not unlike his wife comparing herself to a hollywood actress,hay naku ingat lang baka marinig ka ni uncle sayaff ikaw rin.

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