Pacquiao Keeps on Gambling; Owes Millions-source said!

Champ training hard for that other fight

Boxer Manny Pacquiao has reporterly gambled a fortune during the last two months, a well documented source close to his new gorlfriend explained: “Manny has lost control in this way. He is very much in love but keeps on spending, and partying”/ Which pops the question: Is the man training for his fight with old champ Marquez. If he’s not he’l probably win the fight anyway because of Marquez’s age and long ring career but how long can the Filipino Champ continue riding on this train? He’s been sued by ex-girlfriend, accused of defaulting on child support payments, he has his wife yelling at him every two minutes because the man just doesn’t stop going to night clubs and exhibits himself with a variety of women, and now his new girlfriend-seen in this pic, very much whipped and falling on his face. The main question is: Who’s gonna buy this fight? Not me peeps! Peace out Filipina brothas YO!


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