Political Reptile Announces Hillary’s “Comeback” on CNN!

This political reptile announces Hillary’s comeback. In politics everything is possible, including having such a reprehensible individual roaming around every election. A loyal Clintonite, this guy seems to have lost some of his tactical touch in politics, since it was strongly rumored that he has been advising the Clintons lately, in a desperate attempt to stop Barack Obama’s growing popularity. By reading the daily Gallup polls it looks like Carville’s prediction will need a magic wan to materialize.

Every day that goes by Obama seems to be nearer the nomination, something that many, including myself, thought almost impossible even a month ago. He seems to be moving millions with his message. He’s getting young people involve in the democratic process, and not even the huge Clinton political machine has been able to bring Hillary back from her recent loses.

The only chance Hillary has at this point is to win Texas and Ohio, coming in to the Democratic Convention with enough Super delegates to get the nomination. We hear how the superdelegates are changing their minds and switching sides. Carville, the Clinton’s and the Clinton’s pet; George Stephanapoulous (nobody can write his last name) are experts at back room politics, that’s exactly what they are doing now, more of same. They have unleashed poor Chelsea into having dinner with the Super delegates after her dad calls them up, probably reminding them of a favor he did for them 10 years ago, and promising whatever they want to hear. Anything to get Hillary in so he can live without paying rent again. We pay the rent, they live.

These people are counting on the Latino vote in Texas. That’s also slipping away as Latinos are educating themselves and also listening to their hearts.

It the “comeback” takes place I have to agree with Carville in that it would be the greatest comeback in democratic politics, even more spectacular that Bill’s. As of now the voice of the people is proving too strong for the predictions of Carville and other desperate machine democrats.


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