Pray with US!

We just don’t get a break in New Jersey. First it was the Gay American and the Dina Caliente chick. They took trips to Ireland with all their friends and dogs, including God knows who at our expense while raising our taxes. Then comes in High Tax Corzine-the Julianus of American politics-the guy who bought a senate seat for $30 million and spent another $60 million for the governorship. High Tax, also known as No Charisma Corzine, has done little for poor New Jersey, except raise our taxes. If the state senate doesn’t stop him, he’ll do a Bob Menendez on us: implement (force on us) the Water Tax, a tax we pay in Hudson County thanks to Hillary Clinton’s co-campaign manager, Bob. Just to remind those who forgot and inform our readers in Europe, New Jersey is the state of corrupt ex-senator Bob Torricelli, who was forced to resign from his federal seat and by way of a New Jersey Miracle is not in jail. When Torricelli resigned, NJ Democrats bought Frank Lautenberg back from the Nursing Home. Frank is one of the Founding Fathers of this great nation. He’s running again. And he’ll win because in New Jersey if you are 200 years old and a Democrat no one will beat you in politics. And that’s that.

This is a State that inspired a New York Times Best Seller appropriately titled The Soprano State. The feds send this guy, Christie Christie, I think his name is, and the guy doesn’t even have time for his family so busy he is putting politicians in jail, serving subpoenas, and running from one corner of the state to another in awe of the political atrocities he finds in his path.

If that wasn’t enough, a man well known for being accused as a racist, a two-face political opportunist, a guy who you have to wonder how he is on television- well CNN- now announces he wants to run for governor. Who could be worse than Jon Corzine? Yes, Lou Dobbs, the guy from CNN. Is New Jersey so bad? What have we done to deserve this? There are millions of hard-working, good Americans here. So, what can we do? Pray. We have to pray: Lord please make Lou Dobbs mayor of some little town in Mississippi or something. Make him understand that New Jersey has suffered enough under the gay guy and this idiot that’s running our beloved state now. Listen to our prayer Lord, Thank You.

We ask our readers to please pray with us by clicking on ICANPRAY.COM and help us so our prayer is answered and we are spared of the suffering and embarrassment of having Lou Dobbs running for governor. Thank you.


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